Historical Fashion Workshop Series

In keeping with our commitment to the education and perpetuation of the interest in Historic Fashion, we founded and developed in 2001 a series of Hands-on Workshops.  Conducted in Williamsburg, VA, only 2.5 miles from the Historic District, our facility is a private and self contained environment where you can "immerse" yourself in the learning process.

Some of the Workshops we have offered over the years have been Gown cutting & making of all sorts, Stays, Underclothes & Underpinnings, Breeches, Coats, lined & unlined, 18thc Hair & Makeup, Lady's & Men's Jackets & Waistcoats, Riding Habits & Traveling Costume, Cloaks and Outerwear, Accessories of all sorts, Silk Hats, Caps, Sewing Details & Deportment.  

As always, your continued patronage & support have allowed us to bring you the best in Historic Workshops.