Synthetic "Whalebone" - 4 mm X 1 mm - sold by the yard


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In the 18th century, stays were predominately made using baleen, known as whalebone by whalers who harvested it . The keratinous material found around the upper jaws of Baleen Whales was a strong material that provided support in undergarments, while being flexible. It could be molded to shape, and could be split very thinly, while still maintaining strength. Baleen was still being used into the 19th century when steel began to replace it.  Our Synthetic "Whalebone" is manufactured in Germany for the corsetry market. 

  • Unlike other plastic boning, our Synthetic "Whalebone" more closely resembles whalebone and can be shaped with a hot iron. 
  • Our 4 mm bone (approximately 3/16") duplicates boning found in early 18th century stays and later 18th century  stays
  • It also works well for the 19th and the 20th century
  • Great for fully-boned stays as it is light but gives excellent shape.
  • Our Synthetic "Whalebone" is sold by the yard.

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