Silk Quilter's Twist


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This lightweight Silk Quilter's Twist is used for a variety of finishing needs.  Many extant garments used a similar weight for buttonholes, and as construction thread in men’s tailoring.  Silk Quilter's Twist can also be used for a variety of thread buttons
  • Our 3 ply Silk Quilter's Twist is 600 Denier, and comes on a 20 meter card. 
  • The dyes match our silk buttonhole twist as well as our silk sewing thread.  
  • If you would like to try your hand at thread buttons, we offer wood molds.  Length of thread needed, per button size:
    5/8 inch mold – 10 1/2 feet 
    3/4 mold – 15 feet 
    1 inch mold – 23 feet 
    1 1/8 inch mold – 28 feet

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Color: black