Tulip Quilting/Between Assorted Needles


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Betweens are the choice of any stitcher who wishes to produce small, even stitches.  We love the selection in this pack of Tulip Quilting/Between Assorted Needles, up to a #12 for very fine stitching. The superior finish of these needles allows them to glide easily through fabric without snagging. If you haven't tried betweens, you definitely should!

Our Tulip Quilting/Between Assorted Needles:

  • Box includes 1 - #8 quilting needle, 2 - #9 quilting needles, 2 - #10 quilting needles and 1 - #12 quilting needle.  Needles measure 27mm to 29mm in length.

  • 6 needles per package

  • Comes in a clear vial with a cork stopper.

  • Made in Japan

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