2 inch Silk Taffeta Ribbon – Sold by the yard


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In the 18th century, this 2 Inch Silk Taffeta Ribbon was sometimes listed as “taffety” ribbon.  Made from the delicate, but strong product of the silk worm, it was known for its color retention, rich hues and shimmering beauty.  Ribbons, such as our 2 Inch Silk Taffeta Ribbon, survive on a variety of objects from the past, including women’s, children’s, and men’s clothing, Millinery, Native American garments, pocketbooks, bags, needlework, and home furnishings.

  • Although our ribbons are washed after dyeing it is always good to wash them once before using them. Cold water, gentle soap and air drying will help to keep your ribbons looking beautiful.

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Color: White