Single Faced Silk Satin Ribbon - sold by the yard


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In our research we have documented a wide variety of 18th & early 19th century ribbons. Along with taffetas and brocades we also found  satin woven ribbon.  Typically this ribbon was woven with the shiny satin weave face out and a matte plain woven side on the reverse.  This kept the ribbon from slipping on caps and easier to manipulate when decorating hats or trimming gowns. Of the hundreds of extant ribbons we documented we only found one ribbon that was satin on both sides, leading us to believe that single sided was the norm.    

  • This ribbon has a nice weight and is suitable for trims for clothing and hats as well as jewelry.
  • Available in 1/2 and 1 inch widths.
  • Sold by the yard.
  • 100% Silk

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Size: 1/2 inch
Color: White