50/3 & 80/3 Linen Thread


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Sarah Pitt advertises in the Virginia Gazette in October of 1768 that she offers for sale "a great assortment of threads".  We have selected an assortment of colored 50/3 & 80/3 Linen Threads for your sewing needs. 

  • 50/3 comes on a 30 meter/98 foot spool and is a sturdy hand-sewing weight that can be used for buttonholes. 
  • 80/3 comes on a 50 meter/164 foot spool and is a good general hand-sewing weight.
If you are trying to decide which color of our 50/3 & 80/3 Linen Thread matches your fabric, send us a sample of your fabric, and we'll recommend the closest color from our available threads. 

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Color: white
Size: 50/3