Spotted Black Silk Gauze - $35.00 yd.


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Spotted Black Silk Gauze

In the 18th and 19th centuries, sheer, crisp, woven silk known as "Gauze" was popular, especially for Lady’s garments as trims, overlays, neckerchiefs, caps, aprons & mantelets. Originally woven with two warp yarns twisted over the weft yarn, the weave was stable and strong. It was a sheer, light, semi-crisp fabric, sometimes woven with designs or flowers, and sometimes embroidered.

This Spotted Black Silk Gauze has black embroidered spots throughout the fabric. We have seen embroidered spots such as these especially in early 19th century examples.

  • This Spotted Black Silk Gauze is sheer. It has a crisp hand with a soft drape.
  • Suitable for gowns, petticoats, caps, a variety of trims, dress aprons, mantelets, embroidery, or any application where a sheer fabric is desired.
  • 100% Silk 44 inches wide.

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