Mixed Black-Grey Fine Broadcloth - $30.00 yd.


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Mixed Black-Grey Fine Broadcloth

In the 18th century broadcloth, such as this Mixed Black-Grey Fine Broadcloth, was woven on a wide loom measuring 54-63 inches, and was finished in a variety of qualities, from coarse to superfine. It was distinguished by its stoutness, tightness of weave, and denseness of fulling, which was sheared close to create a silky, but firm hand. The tightness of the broadcloth allowed it to be cut raw and left without raveling, unlike flannels and other spongy wools.

"""Mixt"" in the 18th century for wool or worsted cloth suggested colors that were mixed together such as one colored warp and another weft. It could also be more then two colors. In broadcloths it could range from the variations in the natural wool to yarns spun together to literally floor sweepings that were recycled into yarn and woven. You find mixed color in worsteds such as camlets and cantaloons and in woolens in cassimeres, kerseys and broadcloths.

  • This wool is a fine broadcloth with a firm hand.
  • It is only brushed and finished on one side.
  • It is well suited to uniforms, outerwear, coats, breeches, waistcoats, riding habits, 19thc heavy pelisses, as well as any tailoring need.
  • 100% Wool, 62 inches wide.

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