About Hemp

Flax has been on the decline as the world environmental conditions change however hemp, a cousin to flax also may be on the rise due to a number of reasons. 

Hemp too is a natural plant fiber, and like flax it comes from the stem of a plant like flax.  It appears very similar to flax and is as strong if not arguably stronger. Unlike flax which requires a specific growing environment, the hemp plant needs grows quickly producing a lot of fibers.  It needs very little land, little water and few if any pesticides.  For this reason it can grow in many parts of the world and makes a much smaller environmental impact.  It also naturally fertilizes the soil it grows in.

Although the hemp fiber is coarser it produces a higher yield of long fibers then flax does.  It's strength is greater, it's environmental footprint is smaller.  Hemp is defiantly a natural fiber that is making a comeback.

Happy Sewing,

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