"One Kirtle to Rule Them All"

Burnley and Trowbridge time travels to the Renaissance with one supportive dress that can be accessorized to work not only for Florence in the late 15th century, but also England and the Holy Roman Empire during the early 16th century. The kirtle was the the main dress garment worn during the medieval and Renaissance periods, providing bust support and structure under the outer gowns. Many European countries wore similar styles of a foundational dress. By making accessories that are distinct to their regions, such as varying partlets, aprons, caps, and underwear, the same kirtle can be styled for different cultures. Suggested reading material for how to construct your own kirtle will be briefly discussed. This YouTube Live is going to focus on the accessories and garment layers worn by the middle classes in Florence, England, and the Holy Roman Empire at the turn of the 16th century. It is geared for fans of the Renaissance who might be attending Faires or other non-academic historical recreation events.