“TO CUT THE PERFECT SHAPE: The fundamentals of cutting and fitting to the figure"

Workshop starts Wednesday, May 4th
with Brooke Welborn & Christina Johnson

Eighteenth century mantua-maker’s produced most women's fitted gowns and jackets by cutting and fitting to the body. One method used in the period was to cut a lining to the figure which could then be used to inform the shape of the desired gown. In this online workshop participants will learn to think like a mantua-maker as they practice the process of cutting and fitting shapes on their half sized mannequin (in stays) to gain a foundational understanding of the many variables that must be considered in order to cut the perfect shape.

Participants need to have a finished
Official B&T Mini-Mannequin
at least one completed set of half size stays
(either from our online Stays workshop
or our Mini Stays Kit with pattern


Workshop Cost: $95 includes ten weeks of supported instruction with two one hour live Q&A sessions and includes an *additional* four weeks of access to course materials after the Final Q&A.
  • Introduction & Prepatory Homework - Wednesday, March 30th
  • Units 1 -3 : Bodice Backs & Fronts, Side Seams & Waistline - Available Wednesday, May 4th
  • Units 4-5 : Sleeves and Putting it all Together - Available Wednesday, May 11th
    • Live Q&A - Tuesday, May 17th or Wednesday, May 18th at 4pm EDT
  • Unit 6: Practice & Feedback - Available Wednesday, May 18th
    • Final Q&A - Tuesday, June 7th or Wednesday, June 8th at 4pm EDT

50 spaces avaialable

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