Mannequin in Miniature: Building the Official Burnley & Trowbridge Body for Online Workshops


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Join Christina Johnson for our mini-workshop where students will build the malleable bust for the B & T approved mini mannequin, a collaboration with Ruth Watkin Costumes. The B & T approved mannequin will be the base for many of our future online workshops. Pointers and recommendations will also be given for the construction of the mannequin body. You may choose to assemble by hand or by machine, but hand finishing will be required.  Using our workshop methods, this mannequin will serve as an excellent base for historical foundation garments of all eras.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Be given a list of additional materials needed for the bust area of the mannequin.
  • Go through a step-by-step process to build and attach the malleable bust which will allow you to stay or corset the mannequin to the proper silhouette.
  • Receive instruction on modifications to the body and stand to meet the needs of our workshops.
  • This is a Level 1 workshop: you should have basic hand sewing skills.  You may also use a sewing machine, but hand finishing will be required.
  • This workshop requires the purchase of the PDF pattern bundle which includes the body, arms, and stand pattern along with written instructions available through Ruth Watkin Costumes.
  • This mini workshop includes pre-recorded lessons so you may work at your own pace for up to one year and one live group lesson with the instructor.
  • Digital Pattern for a Shift and Underpetticoat for your mannequin is available here.

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