JP Ryan 1770's Riding Habit


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JP Ryan 1770's Riding Habit

Riding Habits gained popularity in the second half of the 18th century.  Worn for traveling, day wear, and side saddle horseback riding, the habit could be feminine, or take on masculine elements of the military uniform.  There are a variety of habits depicted in contemporary paintings, as well as surviving in collections in the US and Europe.  This JP Ryan 1770's Riding Habit pattern includes the jacket, waistcoat and petticoat.  It is based on two originals, one in the collection of The Hereford Museum and Art Gallery, Hereford, England, and the other in The Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Both have the shorter petticoat intended for walking and travel.

This 1770-1775 habit has narrow lapels, short skirts on the jacket, with functional pockets, and a short waistcoat with a half-belt. Included in the JP Ryan 1770's Riding Habit are patterns for the jacket and waistcoat, cutting diagrams for the petticoat, and extensive directions, as well as graphics and photographs to help with the assembly.  One size per pattern.  Please note this JP Ryan 1770's Riding Habit pattern is designed to fit over 18th century stays

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