Gold "Spot'd" Muslin - $18.00 yd.


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"Spot'd" textiles were popular thru out the 18th and 19th century. Varied sizes and methods of spotting were used with direct print, and resist print both being popular. 100% cotton textiles early in the 18th century were manufactured in India and imported, later they were produced in other areas such as Manchester, England. In our research, we have personally seen printed and resist prints as early as the 1740's and of course well into the 19th century. This beautiful sheer muslin is inspired by an early 19th century gown in the DAR Museum exhibit book "An Agreeable Tyrant" which we directly examined. We have duplicated  the scale of the print as well as the fineness of the original textile.  The shimmering gold of this textile would have been achieved by the application of gold leaf using gum.  There are a number of examples of this type of printing including a swatch book from the collection of Colonial Williamsburg and a gown of India muslin from the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

  • This very fine  cotton is  suitable for gowns, jackets, trims, aprons, accessories such as sashes , children's clothing, neckerchiefs or pocket handkerchiefs and linings. 
  • 100% Cotton 58 inches.

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