Red, Pink & Blue Sprigged Cotton - $24.00 yd.


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Reproduction from the Collection of Mary Doering by Burnley & Trowbridge.

Printed textiles by the mid-18th century were extremely popular and could be within the affordability of even the lower sorts.  The English printers were versatile in their printing and the patterns were wide and varied.  One-color prints to multi-colored chintz could all be had.  Any pattern done in India could find a counterpart in England.  

This beautiful "sprig'd" print is reproduced from a gown in Mary's collection dating to around 1800.  Its delicate pattern boasts 16 different motifs in shades of red, blue and lavender.  We have studied whimsical flower motifs similar to these as early as the 1740's. The original textile retains its blue thread selvage, distinguishing it as an English textile.  It would have been a popular pattern from the last quarter of the 18th century into the 19th century.

  • This print is reproduced on a fine, high thread count cotton virtually identical to the original. This light-medium weight cotton has a smooth finish with a good drape. 
  • Based on this and similar prints in surviving garments this print would be well suited to ladies' and children's gowns, jackets, accessories, pieced linings and hem bands as seen in original garments, as well as men's wrapping gowns. 
  • 100% Cotton 50 inches wide. 

When you purchase this fabric a donation will be made to the Humane Rescue Alliance in honor of Mary who is an avid cat lover.

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