Natural Paste Buckram - $16.00 yd.


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Extremely coarse linen, loosely woven & stiffened with plant gum, was a staple for foundation layers in early garments, such as bodies.  In stays, it was added for additional stiffening in various parts of the stay, such as the tummy area.  Unbleached or "brown" linen was the cheapest of these canvases, coming straight off the loom.  Our version, made of jute, is heavily starched, making it a good choice for any garment or headwear where a strong structure is required.

  • Loose woven and heavily starched.
  • Suitable for 16th century bodies, additional structure for stays, kirtles, 16th century headdresses such as French hoods, and any other application that requires a very stiff and moldable understructure. 
  • 100% Jute, 40 inches wide.

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