Copper Crossbar Corded Silk - $25.00 yd.


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Copper Crossbar Corded Silk

Chinese, Indian, Persian, English & French “taffety” or taffeta, such as this Copper Crossbar Corded Silk, were commonly advertised in the 18th and 19th centuries. Woven plain, they were made in a variety of colors, some changeable, “chine” or warp printed, or with stripes, checks and patterns. Woven in a like-fashion, they varied only in their width or number of silk yarns in the warp and weft. After the American Revolution, great quantities of silk came to the colonies directly from China, including taffetas, satins and lustrings. Simple patterns could be woven, such as stripes or checks, and extra float yarns introduced to create patterns, from simple dots to flowers, vines, and lace motifs. The Victoria & Albert holds a French Merchant's silk book of 1764 which shows a variety of silks, including simple patterned ones such as these, which could be left plain or embroidered over.

  • This lightweight Copper Crossbar Corded Silk is suitable for Gowns, Skirts, Jackets, Mantles, Pelisses, Men's Wrapping Gowns, Waistcoats, Linings and Accessories, and household applications, such as bed or window treatments.
  • This Copper Crossbar Corded Silk displays occasional slubbing. This characteristic is found in a variety of 18thc silks we have examined
  • 100% Silk, 54 inches wide.

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