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Red Grounded Cotton Chintz

This beautiful Red Grounded Cotton Chintz is a Reproduction from the Collection of Mary Doering by Burnley & Trowbridge

By the third quarter of the 18th century, printed textiles were being found in advertisements, both in the East and the South of the Colonies.  They varied from callicoes to cottons to chintzes sometimes being described by color, but often described only as "dark grounded" the all cotton dark grounds could be printed in India or in England, however a cotton/linen variety produced in the Lancashire area was every bit as popular and not always distinguished in advertisements.

This beautiful Red Grounded Cotton Chintz is reproduced from a gown in Mary's Collection circa 1780.  It still retains some of its original glazing and is delicately blocked with shades of red, purple and blue.  The gown itself is center front closing and the back is two pieces with a small pleat taken near the center back mimicking what will soon become a true quarter backed gown. 

  • This Red Grounded Cotton Chintz is lightweight with a soft, smooth hand and good drape.  
  • Based on this and similar prints in surviving garments, it is well-suited to Ladies and Children's gowns and jackets, matching petticoats, accessories, pieced linings and hem bands (as seen in original garments), and Men's wrapping gowns.  
  • This Cotton Chintz is 100% Cotton, 50 inches wide. 

When you purchase this textile, a donation will be made to the Humane Rescue Alliance in honor of Mary, who is an avid cat lover!

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