White Silk Lutestring - $20.00 yd.


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White Silk Lutestring

Lutestring or Lustring was a light, crisp plain silk with a high luster achieved through stretching and glazing with the assistance of heat. In our research we have found this textile to be as thin as paper but with a sheen that distinguishes it from any other silk. It was highly desirable as summer silk especially in the colonies. Developed by the French, it became increasingly popular in England and the Colonies once it was manufactured in England by French Huguenots under the Royal Lustring Company. After the American Revolution great quantities of silk came to the colonies directly from China, including taffetas, satins and lustrings.

This silk lutestring may display occasional light slubbing. This characteristic is found in a variety of 18thc silks we have examined.

  • This Lustring is very lightweight and semi sheer with a high luster.
  • Suitable for lady's gowns, petticoats (plain and quilted,) pelisses, spencers, mantelets and trims, wrapping gowns, men's waistcoats, and suits when properly interfaced, linings & accessories.
  • 100% Silk, 43 inches wide.

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