Natural, Blue, Navy, & White Checked Linen - $14.00 yd.


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Natural, Blue, Navy, & White Checked Linen

Linen cloth, such as this Natural, Blue, Navy, & White Checked Linen, was woven of flax fiber in many grades and weaves. Used in every aspect of living, from clothing, to household needs, to furnishings, to the shroud made for the corpse, linen was so common that a tax was proposed as a source of easy revenue on the coarser sorts being imported towards the end of the 18th century.

In the 18th century, “checked” referred to woven or printed patterns that intersected at right angles. Checked linens were used for aprons, shirts, children’s clothing, trousers, and linings, and household items such as toweling, bed hangings, and chair coverings. Descriptions of self-liberated individuals and other contemporary writings occasionally mention a "cross bar gown" or check shortgown or jacket.

  • Our Natural, Blue, Navy, & White Checked Linen is lightweight.
  • Suitable for gowns,  jackets, aprons, accessories, petticoats; men’s lightweight jackets, linings, waistcoats and children’s garments.
  • 100% Irish Linen, 59 inches wide.

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