Red Wool Coating - $25.00 yd.


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The word coating is a general term for any heavy woolen cloth typically used for an outer garment for protection from the weather. This coating has an unusual weave with a 4 over 1 float that creates a very steep diagonal weave, which is slightly nubbly. It is unfinished and unbrushed, causing the texture to be pronounced. Although we have not seen this particular weave in the 18th century, we feel it would be an excellent choice for any time traveling or modern make.

  • This Red Wool Coating is light coating weight wool with a complex weave, and a diagonal pattern.
  • Great for Time Traveling and Modern Makes!
  • It is well suited for jackets, coats, bound capes, and winter traveling suits.
  • 85% Wool 15% Nylon, 59 inches wide.

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