Mixed Drab Wool Beaver Cloth - $30.00 yd.


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Mixed Drab Wool Beaver Cloth

In Montgomery (pp160), Bearskin is listed as "a coarse thick woolen cloth, with a shaggy nap manufactured for overcoats and very durable". Likewise "Beaver Cloth or Coating" is described as a stout woolen cloth with a raised finish resembling beaver fur. Examples of the Beaver cloth can be found in PL D-99 and 100 of Montgomery. This wool would make an excellent greatcoat or other outerwear.

Based on our personal research studying extant textiles, we have found several marked as Beaver cloth from the 18th century which closely resemble the face of this textile.

  • This fabric only has the selvedge on one side.
  • This Mixed Drab Wool Beaver Cloth is heavy weight.
  • It is only finished on one side.
  • Suitable for outerwear, coats, breeches, 19thc heavy pelisses, as well as any tailoring need.
  • 100% Wool, 57 inches wide.

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