Aubergine & Red "Spot'd" Handkerchief


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“Spotted” handkerchiefs appear frequently through out the 18th and on into the 19th c.  They are described in shop advertisements, runaway ads and genre paintings.  Originally made by “tie & dye” method in India, English dyers sought to duplicate the popular style which made for lively patterns at minimal cost.  The spots in this handkerchief were derived through blocking with paste or wax. This slightly more complex pattern has been resisted and dyed twice producing the 3 color design.  The pattern itself is inspired and based on two original and identical handkerchiefs, both having a provenance of being purchased in Rhode Island in the last quarter of the 18th century. We have also found this pattern in contemporary art as well as surviving in the collection of the V & A Museum.

  • Measuring approximately 36 inches x 36 inches, & made of  hand loomed cotton mull, our handkerchiefs are hand dyed and hand finished.
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