Blue Spotted Handkerchief with Border


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“Spotted” handkerchiefs, such as our Blue Spotted Handkerchief with Border, appear frequently throughout the 18th century and into the 19th century in run-away ads, portraits, genre art, advertisements, and theft reports. Handkerchiefs, sometimes called Neck-handkerchiefs, were worn by all types of individuals for fashion and practicality. Neck-handkerchiefs could be made using the tie and dye method as well as resist block printing. This particular design is made using the latter.  

This Blue Spotted Handkerchief with Border is inspired by an India cotton handkerchief attributed to William Cowper, one of England's most respected poets. He is known among other things for the Olney Hymns which he wrote in collaboration with John Newton of Amazing Grace fame. This version is blue based on the variety of primary sources we have documented describing blue spotted handkerchiefs. 

Our Blue Spotted Handkerchief with Border:

  • Measures approximately 37 inches square.
  • 100% hand loomed cotton mull.
  • Hand printed and hand finished.
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