Bone Button Molds


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Cloth and thread covered buttons were one of the most common buttons found on Men’s clothing in the 18th & early 19th century.  Occasionally they were found on Lady's gowns & jackets as well.  Button molds could be made of wood, horn or bone.  Molds are commonly dug at sites, found by eye on the River Thames and of course survive on extant garments in collections. Our bone button molds have a tapered edge and range from very small, suitable for shirts and children's garments up to large for coats etc. Especially good for cloth covered buttons, they will hold up to the rigors of washing. 
  • If you wish to use them for thread buttons, try waxing the mold first to provide a "grip" for the thread.
  • Want to know how to fabric cover a button form?  We have posted an easy tutorial on our YouTube Channel - Covered Button Tutorial

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Size: 3/8