Bone Needlecase


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Needlecases of various materials such as our Bone Needlecase)and designs were used throughout history, with the earliest ones dating to the 1st century. These cases were used for the express purpose of keeping needles, a tool almost everyone used, safe and secure, while also keeping them near at hand. Some cases were very plain while others were much more ornate. 

Our Bone Needlecase is reproduced from an 18th or early 19th century original in a private collection. Its functional screw top design will not only keep your needles in one place but will look elegant tied to your apron string or set in your sewing basket!  

Our Bone Needlecase:

  • Measures approximately 3 3/4 when closed with a 2 3/4 inside length.

  • Open loop will accommodate a string or ribbon to secure it to an apron or chatelaine.

  • Limited Quantity.

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