Bone Pin Shank Button $.75 - $1.10


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Button forms pinned thru with a brass or silver shank to create a button loop, such as our Bone Pin Shank Buttons, are found on 18th and 19th century clothing.  They can be covered or left plain.  We have seen examples of original Bone Pin Shank Buttons, as well as a waistcoat that survives with horn pin shank buttons in a private collection.  They can also be found in various forms on leather breeches.  In 1734 a runaway in Philadelphia was described wearing a pair of plush breeches with "Horn buttons turn'd round and tip'd with silver".  

  • These sturdy Bone Pin Shank Buttons will work well for any project, especially broadcloth where the buttons can be put on by piercing the cloth and cording.

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Size: 5/8 inch - $.75