Brown & Red "Spot'd" Handkerchief


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“Spotted” Handkerchiefs, such as our Brown & Red "Spot'd" Handkerchief appear frequently throughout the 18th and early 19th c. They are described in shop advertisements and runaway ads, and featured in genre paintings.  Originally made by “tie & dye” method in India, English printers & dyers sought to duplicate the popular style which made for lively patterns at minimal cost.  Two color "spot'd" handkerchiefs were achieved through first dying the handkerchief, and then using blocks, they would use a paste or wax to create the resist design, mimicking the original tie and dye, and dye once again.

This Brown & Red "Spot'd" Handkerchief is based on original examples and a number of contemporary paintings and written descriptions, such as this ad regarding stolen items from 1783. 

Our Brown & Red "Spot'd" Handkerchief:

  • Measures approximately 36 inches square. 
  • 100% hand loomed cotton mull.
  • Hand printed and hand finished.
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