C. 1760s Yellow Night-gown Handbook


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C. 1760s Yellow Night-gown Handbook

By Michelle Barker

C. 1760s Yellow Night-gown Handbook is a unique glimpse into a stunning yellow nightgown, originally made in the 1730's and altered at least 2 times to become its final version in the 1760's. C. 1760s Yellow Night-gown Handbook studies the gown in beautiful detail and covers everything from an examination of 18th century sewing techniques, to an in-depth photographic study, and a detailed section on how to reconstruct the gown with 18th century techniques.

The step-by-step guide features the original sewing techniques used on the gown, accompanied by photos, illustrations, grids and references. A full history of the gown along with all the other gowns examined to assist in the in-depth research of this gown are listed.  All of this is designed to help the reader create their very own c.1760s "night-gown".

  • First in the "Original Garment Study Series."
  • 178 pages and multiple full color photographs.
  • Softcover.

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