Burnley & Trowbridge Powdering Gown Pattern - Hybrid


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Powdering gowns fall under the somewhat ambiguous umbrella of gowns for undress. Possibly called a peignoir by the French, this garment was primarily used when dressing for the day as a temporary or protective layer to wear in place of, or over the day’s ensemble while dressing the hair. There appear to be distinctions between styles of powdering gowns worn by masculine and feminine individuals, in addition to the variety of styles of powdering gowns in general that might be chosen.

  • Based on extensive research, our Burnley & Trowbridge Powdering Gown Pattern allows you to create an unlined powdering gown suitable for feminine interpretations.
  • Suggested fabric is 3 1/4 yds of 55-60 inch fabric. 4 yards of narrower fabric. 
  • Finer cottons and tightly woven lightweight linens (plain or figured) in whites or off whites/creams work best.
  • This Burnley & Trowbridge Powdering Gown Pattern is a Hybrid Pattern and includes a digital 13 page full color/fully illustrated instruction manual with a physical print copy of the pattern. Learn more about our Hybrid Pattern Format.
  • **You will receive an email with the link to the digital instructions when your order ships.**
  • This Burnley & Trowbridge Powdering Gown Pattern includes instructions to assemble the garment using entirely hand sewing techniques.

*Like all Burnley & Trowbridge patterns, this Burnley & Trowbridge Powdering Gown Pattern is protected by intellectual property rights and all rights are reserved.  Copying, forwarding, or distributing this pattern is prohibited. We ask that you support us by not violating these rights.  This pattern is for personal use only.

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