Embroidered & Bordered Handkerchief


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 Embroidered & Bordered Handkerchief, reproduced from the collection of the DAR Museum by Burnley & Trowbridge

This beautiful Embroidered & Bordered Handkerchief has been meticulously reproduced, replicating not only the sheer hand-loomed cotton, but the original tambour embroidery. The date of this delicate accessory is estimated from 1770-1800. Embroidered handkerchiefs such as this tend to survive in collections as white-work or as the more elaborate silk and metal embroidery

The simplicity of this piece lends itself to the possibility of domestic production.  It is worked on a woven border found commonly in handkerchiefs of linen, linen/cotton as well cotton spanning from the 18th through the late 19th century and beyond. This accessory is perfect for your 18th or 19th century persona. 

Our Embroidered & Bordered Handkerchief:

  • Measures approximately 36 inches square. 
  • 100% hand loomed cotton.
  • Lightweight, hand embroidered, and hand hemmed.
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