"Fine Ribbed" or "Derby Rib" Silk Stockings


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Ribbed silk stockings, such as our Fine Ribbed/Derby Rib Silk Stockings, appear in collections, as well as many contemporary 18th century paintings.  They were highly popular and predominately worn by men.  They could be made of wool, cotton or silk.  In 1759 Jebediah Strutt of Derby, England patented a machine which made the "perfect ribbed stocking".  Thus the term "Derby Rib," which can be found in contemporary writing. 

Our Fine Ribbed/Derby Rib Silk Stockings:

  • Available in cream and gray.
  • One size fits most.
  • Stretches extra long to fit to mid thigh
  • 70% Silk 30% Nylon

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Color: Gray