Fine Sheer White Cotton Muslin Handkerchief


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Just Imported in the Ship Hunter, Capt. Wilson, from LONDON...........a general assortment of EUROPEAN and INDIA GOODS , viz, handkerchiefs, flower’d linen ditto, cotton ditto.....Boston Evening Post, June 23rd, 1760

In run-away ads, portraits, genre art, advertisements and thefts we find handkerchiefs of many descriptions.  They were worn by women and men for fashion and practicality through out the 18th century and on into the 19th century and owned by all socio-economic levels. Originating in India and introduced to Europe as early as the 17th century, muslin (or mul) was described as “delicately woven cotton fabric”.  Used throughout the 18th century it grew in popularity towards the end of the century and on into the 19th century.  It was considered highly desirable for its lightness, and ease of cleaning.  
  • This muslin handkerchief is exceptionally sheer making it literally transparent.    
  • Measures approximately 34 inches square. 
  • 100% hand loomed cotton.
  • Lightweight and hand hemmed.
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  • Suitable for dying if you wish.

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