Flowered Muslin Reproduction Shawl


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Reproduced from the Collection of the Albany Institute of Art & History by Burnley & Trowbridge

This fine muslin shawl is reproduced from an original which has no provenance.  It's origins most likely come from a shawl or waist sash worn by men & women in India as early as the 6th century.  Imported to the Western world in the last quarter of the 18th century they came into vogue in the 1790's as a shawl for the fashionable lady.  Much like printed textiles from India, their popularity soon lead to other countries such as England & France producing them. 

The light muslin suited warmer weather and the diaphanous silhouette of the Regency period. The rich patterns sometimes adorned with embroidery of silk and metal could be worn from morning to evening. With colors of reds, greens, blues and browns it will compliment any ensemble.  

  • Measures approximately 24 inches x 120 inches. 
  • 100% hand loomed cotton mull.
  • Hand printed and hand finished.
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