Linen Twill Chevron Tape--Sold By The Yard


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This Linen Twill Chevron Tape is one of several variations of linen or Manchester tapes found in the 17th-19th centuries.  While advertisements sometimes listed only "tapes", they also differentiated tapes with names or patterns. This advertisement from The Pennsylvania Gazette lists several distinct tapes. These worsted stays in the Victoria & Albert Museum collection have a linen herringbone binding, and narrow tape along the seams.

Our Linen Twill Chevron Tape is:

  • 100% linen & 3/8 inches wide.
  • Perfect for narrow bindings, trim, closures or elsewhere on garments and household items.
  • Suitable for historical and modern sewing.
  • Five stripe colors on a natural ground.
  • Sold by the yard. 

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    Color: Red