Redthreaded 1780s Stays Pattern


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Redthreaded 1780s Stays Pattern

The Redthreaded 1780s Stays Pattern is front-lacing, features a lower bust line, and is shorter overall when compared to our 1750s Stays Pattern. This creates a conical torso with a defined waist, a lower prow-front bosom, and drawn-back shoulders—hallmarks of the fashionable silhouette of the late 18th century. The front lacing also simplifies dressing, and the closed back ensures a lovely smooth line beneath the Anglaise and Italian gowns that were so popular during this period.

Design Features of the Redthreaded 1780s Stays Pattern:

  • Appropriate for late 1770s to the early 1790s
  • Designed for steel boning or synthetic whalebone
  • Optional stomacher
  • Cut-in-one tabs
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Alterable side seams

The Redthreaded 1780s Stays Pattern includes multi-sized printed pattern, sewing instructions, fitting & mockup guides, and list of supply resources. 

This pattern is recommended for those with intermediate to advanced sewing skills.

Redthreaded stay and corset patterns are based closely on historical shapes and extant examples, but utilize modern construction techniques and materials to bring you an accurate silhouette in a sturdy, comfortable garment.



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