Scroop & Virgil's Fine Goods: The Augusta Stays Pattern


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The Augusta Stays are the perfect foundation to any late 18th century wardrobe. They use a pattern based on numerous extant late 18th century stays and a sophisticated boning layout to achieve the fashionable silhouette of the late 1770s and 1780s.

  • Choose between detailed instructions on how to make the stays with period accurate materials and construction methods, or equally detailed instructions on making a simplified version using  methods taken from modern theater and film costume construction. Or mix and match the two methods to get a historically inspired look with less hand-sewing.
  • In order to make fitting as easy as possible, the Augusta Stays come in two bust-to-waist ratio size sets, straight and curvy!
  • Available in 3 choices of size sets. 
  • Printed Paper Pattern.

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Bust Size: Size Pack A: 30-40