Burnley & Trowbridge Suit of Muslin Hybrid Pattern


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An 18th century ladies Suit of Muslin is a combination of coordinated muslin fabric accessories. This pattern includes patterns for a shaped neck handkerchief, straight and shaped sleeve ruffles, and a tucker (neck ruffle). These items can be made plain or embroidered. Options for both are included in the pattern.

  • Based on extensive research, our Burnley & Trowbridge Suit of Muslin Pattern allows you to create plain or embroidered shaped neck handkerchiefs, sleeve ruffles, and tuckers.
  • See suggested fabric amounts
  • Finer cottons, tightly woven light weight linens (plain or figured), lace, and fine sheer silks in whites or off whites/creams work best for this project.
  • This Burnley & Trowbridge Suit of Muslin Pattern is a Hybrid Pattern, and includes a 19 page full color/ fully illustrated digital instruction manual, with a physical print copy of the pattern itself.  Learn more about our Hybrid Pattern Format
  • You will receive an email with the link to the digital instructions for your Burnley & Trowbridge Sultana Pattern when your order ships.
  • All Burnley and Trowbridge, Co. patterns include instructions to assemble the garment using entirely hand sewing techniques.

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