Royal Blue Wool "Bays" - $22.00 yd.


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"Bays" was woven in England starting in the 16th century of worsted warp and woolen weft, in a plain weave. It was a coarse woven wool, sometimes napped on one side and made in various qualities. It could be found in such applications as linings, quilt backings, draperies and other applications where flannel might be used. It was found in clothing such as gowns and petticoats, aprons, and other items which were worn by the lower classes. A few examples of various garments and uses can be found in these self-liberated ads from 17371744,  1774, & another made into a bag in 1774.

  • Our Royal Blue Wool "Bays" is heavy weight
  • Suitable for men's jackets, and trousers, women's jackets, heavy petticoats, heavy work apron and household needs.
  • 100% Wool, 61 inches wide.

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