Laughing Moon Men's & Lady's Late Georgian & Regency Greatcoat & Garrick 1750 - 1825


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Based on an original garment, this pattern is an extremely versatile pattern, giving you options to produce a variety of outerwear garments. The pattern contains a Greatcoat which can be cut either single or double breasted and has the choice of a standing or a stand-and-fall collar. Any view, men’s or ladies, can have capes and the capes can be removable. When paired with either the 3 layer cape or 4 layer cape option it is called a Carrick coat. The instructions include modern (theatrical) collar construction and period pad stitching. The coat body is the same for either the man’s or ladies’ version with only the sleeves being different.

  • You can read the pattern designer's research notes here.  
  • All sizes 34-56 included in pattern.

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